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Welcome to Illinois Career Development Association (ICDA)

The Illinois Career Development Association strives to be an oasis for job seekers and career development professionals in need of information, resources or tips for maximizing satisfaction in the professional realm.

Self worth can ride so much on our jobs and careers, and when this part of life is out of whack, it can impact how we feel about ourselves and also impact our relationships.  The ICDA is a group of career counselors and professionals in Illinois who are clinically trained to help offset these adversities, as well as offer sound advice on the ins and outs of the politics of job searching and work.

If you are a career development professional in the state of Illinois, we hope you will consider joining our organization.  Our members-only area of the website offers current job listings, CEU opportunities and also a place in our professionals directory.

Job Seeker?
Contact us at info@ilcareercounseling.com

Career Services Professional?
Contact us at counsel@ilcareercounseling.com

Join ICDA to Gain Access to Helpful Resources!

ICDA is a division of the Illinois Counseling Association (ICA).
To join, it is required to first become a member of ICA and then select ICDA as an additional division.

Further detail can be found by visiting