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Are You Underemployed?

Job Satisfaction: Revitalizing Your Attitude About Work

Do you find your current job unexciting, draining, or just plain boring? Do you dread going to work each day? You are not alone. More and more workers are not satisfied with their jobs. According to the latest BlessingWhite Employee Engagement Survey, only 52% of survey respondents felt optimistic about careers in their organizations. Although your current job situation might feel like drudgery, there are things you can do to revitalize job satisfaction:

  1. Think back to what attracted you to the job in the first place. Are those aspects now lacking in your current job? Examine why you work and whether the reason(s) that originally drew you to the job have changed, or may be the source for your current dissatisfaction.
  2. Reflect on what motivates and inspires you, and infuse some of those qualities in your present job. Bringing some excitement to the job can boost your attitude and help you feel better about what you do.
  3. Break up the daily routine. If you feel bored or unchallenged at work, mix it up if possible.
    Ask your supervisor about special projects or other responsibilities that you can take on. Such opportunities will relieve the monotony associated with your job.
  4. Keep it positive. Your attitude determines your level of job satisfaction. Change how you think about your job – focus on what is good about the job. Whenever you start to think negatively about the job, replace your negative thoughts with good ones.
  5. Know your job is important. Believe it or not, people depend on the work that you do. Whether you receive recognition for it or not, your job is important. Take pride in knowing that what you do has meaning. In the current economy, the prospect of landing a new position may not be a realistic solution for job satisfaction; however, you can take steps to bring meaning back to your present job. Rediscovering what motivates you, changing your daily routine, and keeping a positive attitude can make your job more rewarding.

Need help? A licensed professional career counselor can provide the guidance and support you need to help you achieve job satisfaction.

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Dr. Pinkey Stewart, SuccessZone